Cusco Suspension Support Subaru WRX STI

Jual Cusco Suspension Support Subaru WRX STI

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Cusco Suspension Support Subaru WRX STI


Type-OS Aluminum Carbon Strut Bar

Center Bar: Made from aluminum and real carbon fiber wrap. The inside of the piping is designed for the perfect balance between light weight characteristics and strength.

Brackets: The end plate brackets provide flawless fitment per vehicle application and is finished in titanium gray coloring.

Plates: Titanium gray color. To highlight the carbon fiber, the plates are finished in titanium gray, giving you the sporty or race look in your engine bay or trunk.

Types: Two center bar types are available, specifically set per application.


Type-OS Aluminum Carbon Strut Bar with Brake Cylinder Stopper 

Brake Cylinder Stopper, designed to stablize the brake master cylinder. Upon hard braking, the sheet metal of the firewall to which the brake master cylinder is attached to, flexes immensely from hydraulic pressure and applied human pedal force. Works effectively with factory brake systems and or upgraded units. This modification will effectively result with improved brake feel and quicker pedal response.

Various Brake Cylinder Stoppers are also integrated with Cusco Strut Tower bars, making great performance improvements in one quick installation.

Brackets: Lightweight steel and finished in the Cusco signature blue color.

Hardware: All necessary hardware is included.  No fabrication, cutting or welding necessary.

Availability: Please check to see if there is one by selecting your vehicle from the vehicle look up menus.

Installation Method: Simple bolt-on type and intended for installation behind the driver’s side shock tower and in front of the master brake cylinder.


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Lower Arm Bars are slightly different from other chassis bracing components since it actually solidifies the mechanical working aspects of the suspension. Atleast two points of these bars are bolted to a moving axis point, typically where the suspension arm meets the crossmember/frame to solid points of the chassis to promote the connection


Lower Arm Bar – Version 

Reduce chassis flexing and improve body rigidity.  The lateral arm improves body rigidity by connecting at the lower arm points, thus preventing body flex and therefore dramatically improving steering rigidity and response, and traction.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.40.32 PM

FEATURE – SImple design connects to the lower arms at two points.

MATERIAL – High tension lightweight aluminum or steel.

INSTALLATION – SImple bolt-on, hardware included for some applications.


Lower Arm Bar – Version II

Reduce chassis flex even further with these bars that have multiple mounting locations (more than 2).  This greatly increases rigidity and helps maintain chassis stiffness during the hardest of cornering.  It also improves steering rigidity, response and tire traction.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 9.40.50 PM

FEATURE – The Lower Arm Bar II connects at the lower arm mounts at numerous (4) points.

MATERIAL – High tension lightweight aluminum or steel

INSTALLATION – SImple bolt-on, hardware included for some applications.



The Pillar Side Bars enhance chassis rigidity across the B-pillar to the front on 2 door vehicles. By strengthening the three points of the seat belt mount, B-pillar floor, and the front floor, this triangulation provides crucial support to the area known to flex often on these vehicles.

*Not intended to protect against side impact

*May not be installed concurrently with a rollcage


The Power Brace

Developed by chassis engineers based off the data logged directly from CUSCO motorsports research. The Powerbrace strengthens chassis and minimizes body flex especially at cornering loads, enabling optimal suspension movement at the intended geometrically aligned state. Having the same effect as stitch welding a chassis, the Powerbrace series are 100% bolt-on and completely effective on all vehicle chassis no matter stock or highly modified.

These bars are lightweight and engineered inside & out by using the state of the art chassis stress test simulation software by leading motorsports professionals.

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Cusco Suspension Support Subaru WRX STI