Cusco Strut Bar Subaru XV

Jual Cusco Strut Bar Subaru XV

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Cusco Strut Bar Subaru XV

The 2-Point OS Strut Bar is lightweight with an aluminium shaft. It features a 3-Point Triangle structure, oval section, and easy bolt-on hardware.. This Cusco Strut Bar will increase rigidity and handling performance while adding to the sporty look of your ride with one of the cheapest and most basic of handling upgrades available.


Cusco’s strut braces have many different styles and finishes depending on the buyer. Their Type-CB offers amazing strength and reduced weight. Unlike the Type ALC bars, the Type CB is full carbon fiber without any aluminum on the inside. The end plates are painted gray and the bar is clear coated giving it a nice finishing touch. Cusco’s Type-ALC OS starts out the same as the classic Type OS bar, but offers a different look. The tubular aluminum oval shaft is carried over from the Type OS, and then wrapped in carbon fiber. The end plates are painted gray for a nice look. The most popular of the Cusco bars is the Type OS. The classic design features a tubular aluminum oval shaft with a high polish finish. The end plates are painted the traditional Cusco blue. The Type 40 is made of aluminum and features a high polish finish with gray end plates. The diameter of this bar is 40mm, which is just a bit over 1″ Cusco’s new Titanium Bar is finally here in the states. Offering the same high quality as the rest of their lineup, the titanium bar features considerable weight reduction without compromising the strength, this bar weighs in at a mere 1.3 lbs. All bars include all mounting hardware and instructions for easy installation.

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Front Strut Bar Subaru XV, Rear Strutbar SUbaru XV

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Cusco Strut Bar Subaru XV