Intrax 1K2 Suspension System

Intrax 1K2 Suspension System

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1K2 shock absorber
The 1K2 is a real “high-end” shock absorber for demanding street- and competition use. The 1K2 is build using the finest materials. The housing is made from 7075 aluminum. This guarantees low weight, maximum strength and optimum cooling.

The 1K2 damper is always chosen in the largest size possible for the most accurate damping control: normally a 46mm body with a 40mm piston and a 16mm piston rod. Mc. Pherson struts are normally converted from the standard 22mm piston rod to an upside-down system with a 40 or 45mm guidance tube for maximum stiffness and wheel guidance. This is especially important when the G-forces are higher than obtainable with the standard vehicle.

The 1K2 can optionally be equipped with the “Black Titan” coating on the guidance- and piston rod. This is a coating that cannot rust and is extreme hard and smooth. The friction is lowered with these piston rods, improving comfort, reducing oil temperatures, improving traction and extending life time under the severest conditions. The “Black Titan” is a luxury which - if you can afford it – is certainly recommended.

When there is sufficient room available, the 1K2 can be equipped with a “spring rate adjuster” which makes it possible to change the spring constant without removal of the struts/springs. See for more info the category products > spring rate adjuster,

We take suspension serious. Therefore we offer for most applications different settings on the spring rates, shim stacks and damping pistons:
* Fast street / occasional trackday. An upgrade to the sportive side from the OEM equipment. Daily comfort, vibration and noise levels are just as important as handling.
* Trackday / bumpy race circuit / Nordschleife. A suspension to race on both smooth and bumpy circuits. It is possible to ride to- and from the circuits. Ride height is enough to drive on public roads. Laptimes and handling are more important than comfort levels.
* Full-race / rally. Stiff suspension, designed to work with slicks and rollcage fitted. Not useable on the street. Lap time optimized.


ARC (Anti Roll Control)®

After years of development Intrax did it. They developed a unique way to drastically reduce unwanted roll (lateral and longitudinal). Your car will have the comfort and all the other benefits of driving with “soft” springs like extra grip and traction, until you take a corne or need to brake then ARC® will control ride height with the feel of a sport/race/rally  setup. While driving over a curb, through a putt hole or over jumps the suspension will absorb them like driving with soft springs. At the same time  ARC® will make sure that your suspension won’t  during these conditions. So for the first time you can have the benefits of a soft spring set up without  the disadvantages of too much body roll and/or collapsing suspension in putt holes, jumps, curbs.


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Honda Jazz, Honda Brio, BMW M Series, Mitsubishi Evo Series, Subaru WRX STI Series

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Intrax 1K2 Suspension System

Available for:

Honda Jazz GK, GE

Honda Brio

Honda Estilo EG

Honda Civic FD

BMW all M Series

Mitsubishi All Lancer Evo Series

Subaru All WRX STI Series


All Suspension is Made by Order, it takes 30 days to build and deliver to your address. We need detail specification for your car to calculate and build a prefect suspension system for you


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